About the bread

Here at Filbert's we care passionately about food, and about bread in particular.

We take great care in choosing our ingredients - obviously the taste is important, without that we can't make delicious things for you.  But the provenance of the ingredients is equally important. It matters where they come from, who grew or made it? Is it local?  Fair trade? Organic? Healthy? Ethical?

We use local suppliers for as much as we can.  Some of our veg comes from George Speights - over one hundred years old, a family business based here in Lancaster.  We also get some of our veg from our wonderful local allotments, often traded for baked goods!

Our flour comes from Shipton mill, all organic and British.

Our seeds and nuts and other ingredients come from either Singlestep, our wonderful local cooperative wholefoods shop, or direct from Suma, one of the most well respected cooperative companies in the UK.

Our cheese comes from Proctors, A family run farm in the Ribble valley.  Our milk, butter and cream from the amazing and innovative Stephensons dairy - pioneers of free range dairy, applying fair trade practices to modern dairy farming in the UK.

We are proud to work with all of our suppliers, who all care as much as we do about the quality of their wares.

We are 100% vegetarian with a wide range of vegan products and a growing interest in Gluten Free products.

Our bread is slow fermented, which gives it a great texture and a deeper flavour. This means we use a greatly reduced amount of yeast  in our mixes which allows the gluten to develop naturally over time, this can be very beneficial for people who have had digestive issues with factory produced bread in the past (It doesn't work for everyone, but we have had strong anecdotal evidence of the benefits!).  We don't use any additives or preservatives, just flour, water and salt, and in some of the breads our wonderful sourdough starters.