Here are some frequently asked questions, and their answers.

Is your bread vegetarian or vegan?

Yes!  All our products are vegetarian, all our bread is vegan (apart from named enriched doughs like brioche).  please ask if you're not sure!

Does your bread freeze?

Very well indeed. For best results freeze soon after purchase.

I accidentally left my bread uneaten for a day or two, can it be magically returned to it's original state through great cunning and skill?

Well now, you are in luck! If you take the bread and run it swiftly under a tap (a sprinkling, not a dunking) and then chuck it in an oven for 10 minutes it will be miraculously rejuvenated. You're welcome.

Do you deliver to (insert Far Away place here)?

Probably not I'm afraid, we are a little limited. However, do not give up all hope, if there are enough orders in your area we may well make an exception.  Please contact us so we can start a wish-list of outlying areas.

When do you deliver?

We will deliver Tuesday and Friday evenings, starting from about 6pm and finishing by about 8pm. When we reach you will depend on the number of orders and where you are on the route.  We are aiming for the post work/pre dinner window.

Do you sell anything else?

You betcha!  We only have a limited selection online, for the full Filbert's experience please visit us in store where we have specialty breads like the very popular Chilli Cheese, we have cakes and tarts and pasties and flatbreads and all manner of wonderful things.

Do you make cakes to order?

Indeed we do, send us a message or pop into the shop to discuss your requirements.