Important delivery information

Delivery times:

We will deliver Tuesday and Friday evenings, starting from about 6pm and hopefully finished by 8pm.  When we reach you will depend on the number of orders and where you are on the route.  We are aiming for the post work/pre dinner window.

Important note:  If you want to receive an order on both Tuesday and Friday you will need to submit 2 separate orders (we know it's a bit clunky but it's the only way to get the delivery charge to work correctly)

At present we only deliver to the following areas, and each area has a different cost attached which you must choose at checkout.  As the delivery charge is relatively high in some areas we would encourage you to team up with your friends and neighbours to make the most of it (Halton, we're looking at you!).  The cost is based on the time it takes (wages for the driver), plus the fuel, plus the wear and tear on the vehicle and the costs of insurance etc.

Lancaster central - £1 delivery. Please choose the Lancaster Central option at checkout. 

Halton - £4 delivery. Please choose the Halton option at checkout.

Skerton - £2 delivery. Please choose the Skerton option at checkout.

Scale Hall - £2 delivery. Please choose the Scale Hall option at checkout.

Morecambe - £4 delivery. Please choose the Morecambe option at checkout.

Middleton - £5 delivery. Please choose the Middleton option at checkout.

Heysham - £5 delivery. Please choose the Heysham option at checkout.

Overton - £5 delivery. Please choose the Overton option at checkout.

Galgate - £4 delivery. Please choose the Galgate option at checkout.

Conder Green - £4 delivery. Please choose the Conder green option at checkout.


If you do not see your area listed above please contact us to find out whether we can include you.